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Major Attractions of the Emblematic City of London

Posted on 31 October 2017 by Adrian J (0)

london bridge


Have you been packing your bags for London vacations? An impressive city boasting a history of hundreds of years is waiting for you to explore. Through a plethora of attractions and sights, London is the best place to be all-year-round. How long will you be staying? No matter your answer, it will never be enough! Have a look at the major attractions of this ever-glowing city of the UK and schedule your trip accordingly!

Top Things to Do in London

First and foremost, a visit to Big Ben is a must! This is the nickname of the Great Bell of the clock at the Palace of Westminster. A true landmark of London, a Gothic style clock tower with 16 floors! Then there is the Tower of London. A Medieval castle housing the Crown Jewels and world renowned for its iconic Beefeaters, a true must-stop during your London holidays!

British Museum holds impressively rich collections that you should not miss out on, in an inspiring environment that welcomes you during the day. Buckingham Palace, on the other hand, offers an entirely different experience. Besides the Guards wearing the traditional clothing and remaining absolutely still, you also have the opportunity to take the tour and admire the opulence of the palace.

A stroll by the River Thames is essential, especially as the sun is setting and life seems to be moving at a more serene pace. Hyde Park and Green Park are two of the finest places to enjoy a leisurely stroll, as well as feed the squirrels and have fun with the ducks. They are special places of natural beauty and you can explore them on foot or using a bike.

Trafalgar Square and Covent Garden are also exquisite places in London, offering unique spectacles. Particularly Covent Garden is world famous for the theatrical performances and musicals, as much as the Oriental restaurants on offer. Then, there is London Zoo and of course Sea life London Aquarium! And why not pay tribute to the horrific history of the city, taking the tour at the London Dungeon?

Madame Tussauds London is one of the best attractions in the city, as well as the London Eye! The latter is indeed a gigantic Ferris wheel by the River of Thames, providing the ultimate view from above.

Obviously, these are just few of the major attractions in London. For even more fun and amazing experiences, you should make sure to prolong your stay for as long as possible!