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Advantages Of Doing Your Interior House Painting During Winter

Posted on 28 December 2018 by Rachel J (0)

house painting contractor camiraNow that it is finally June and we can expect the snow to fall anytime soon, should you still go with your plans and have your house interior painting a go? While summer is the best time to paint because of the higher temperatures which make the paint easier to dry, there are some advantages to having your interior house painting during winter.

Here are some:

Cheaper quotes. Since you can expect a lesser demand on professional painters, you can also expect cheaper quotes from them. You can get the same quality work from them inexpensively compared if you are going to ask them to work for you during the summer.

Less humidity. During the summer, you can expect days with higher humidity levels which can cause problems for painters and most especially for you, if you intend to paint the rooms yourself. Problems with the paint not being able to adhere or difficult to spread evenly can happen if there is an excessive amount of water vapour circulating in the air. If you have your interior house painted during the winter, you can avoid this since your walls will be conducting heat. In some cases, you can expect that painting easily dries during a cold day compared if you do it on a warm day.

Don’t worry about the fumes. Most homeowners are actually concern about the fumes that the paint may create since they will not be able to open up doors and windows creating a problem with ventilation. Since it cold outside, opening the house to let out air may not be practical. Painting during this time may mean, you are allowing potentially toxic fumes stay in the room. However, it is just a matter of choosing the right paint. Make sure not to purchase toxic paint and you are good to go. Choose low to zero VOC paints and you do not have to worry about toxic fumes.