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A Virtual Tour to Major “Game of Thrones” Locations

Posted on 08 November 2017 by Adrian J (0)



Game of thrones has been a huge success, following George R. R. Martin’s books. The series will launch its final season early 2019, while filming has already started. Over these years, millions of fans have been following the actors and producers in a virtual journey around the world. Westeros might be a fantastic world in the books. However, real locations have been used worldwide to create this mythical, impressive world that is displayed in the series. Get ready for a virtual tour to major “Game of Thrones” locations in the entire world!

Northern Ireland is probably the most frequently used location for GOT. It is the vast greenery and the gothic style in the architecture, the mist and the mountainous terrain that make Northern Ireland just the place to film Game of Thrones! Besides, speaking English is always a great thing when filming an international production.

Moving forward, there is Dubrovnik in Croatia. This is definitely one of the most beautiful cities in the world, boasting its gothic style and providing the ideal setting for King’s Landing. Dubrovnik will steal your heart away with its stunning views and picturesque landscapes.

You might have heard of Malta and the medieval town of Mdina. But it was only used early on in GOT. Iceland, on the other hand, has been widely used due to its nature. Where else would the Whitewalkers be able to thrive? In the vast icy terrain of Iceland, with the hot springs and the waterfalls, producers of Game of Thrones hit the jackpot!

Morocco and Andalusia in Spain are two more places where Game of thrones filmed quite a lot of scenes. They needed that exotic touch of both these locations for the Kingdom of Dorne and the conquering battles of Khaleesi and her dragons!

And finally, it is worth mentioning a destination that was not actually used while filming. Do you remember the moon Door in the High Hall of the Eyrie? Of course you do! It has been one of the iconic places in Game of Thrones. Well, if you thought that George R. R. Martin made this up, think again! Meteora is a place in Greece, else called “Floating Monasteries”. There are hills where monasteries have been built, in order for the monks to protect and isolate themselves. An impressive landmark, for sure! And a location worthy to inspire the man behind GOT!